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The authentic NTOI® Unbreakable® Umbrella U-115 crooked handle

The Unbreakable® umbrella works just as well as a very sturdy walking stick, but doesn’t make you look funny or feel clumsy. This umbrella protects you from rain and everything else. Whacks as hard as a steel tube, but only weighs between 1 lb 8.8 oz (705 g) and 1 lb 11.2 oz (775 g).

Legal to take anywhere. Does not arouse suspicion.
Does not make you look silly (no strange looks because it looks like a normal umbrella worn by a normal person).
Our Unbreakable® Umbrella’s are handmade in the European Union from the highest quality materials and work in rain and wind like the highest quality umbrellas. The frames of the Unbreakable® Umbrella Walking-Stick models U-111 and U-115 are machined from glass fibre and polyamide. The poles of these frames can carry well over 100 kg (220-lb) weight. The frames of the unbreakable® walking stick umbrella models U-111 and U-115 must not break during normal use (see our Unbreakable® umbrella warranty). Please be careful not to fall for imitations and plagiarisms, more information can be found at this link.

Main rod: Proprietary composite
Handle: crooked wide
Ribs: fiberglass
Fabric: high-density polyester with anti-UV backing
Weight: 1 lb 11.2 oz (775 g)
Length: 37.50 in (959 mm)
Open diameter: 47.00 in (1194 mm)
Automatic open/Manual close
Each umbrella comes with a fabric sleeve/sheath and two rubber tips.