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Here you will find further information about our products. Which products do we offer and what are the differences? What materials are Unbreakable® Umbrella made of? Who developed them, where are the Unbreakable® Umbrella manufactured?

What guarantee is there on the respective product ? What is the limited warranty of the Unbreakable® Umbrellas ? What is the manufacturer’s warranty? Can I rely on it ? Who is responsible for me as a customer ?

How do I handle the product, how do I care for it ? Dry, clean and store as best as possible ? What can happen if I handle the product incorrectly ? Is any damage treated as a guarantee by the manufacturer? What do I need to know as a customer? This is all in our product information, which we have compiled for you.

Why buy the original ? Only the original is legal. Don’t fall for imitations. You don’t get any guarantee from dubious suppliers and you don’t get our excellent service. You always have a contact person with us, elsewhere also ? Hardly.

What are the fakes and knockoffs on the market? Is it fair that other suppliers use our pictures, texts and brand names to sell their imitations ? Support us! Because only the original is legal.

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Resellers in Europe

If you don’t fall for plagiarism, ask us. We will be happy to name the resellers who still have an old stock of Unbreakable® Umbrella from the Far East! Do not blindly buy any product that advertises with our name or with our pictures, you will not receive any manufacturer warranty from these dealers. In case of doubt you will receive imitations or plagiarisms. Hands off – Only original is legal. Buy your Unbreakable® Umbrella, the original of NTOI® from us and you can be sure to get the original and no copy or imitation. We thank you with our unique and customer-oriented service.

Comparison between Standard and Premium models of the Unbreakable® Umbrella

Material radProprietary compositeProprietary composite
Material ribsFiberglassStainless Steel
Material handleABS PlasticsU-101 ash wood
Material Canopy high-density polyester double layer with anti-UV backinghigh-density polyester
max. load rod> 120 kg> 120 kg
Accessories2 Rubber Tips, SleeveSleeve
Warranty 5 yr. limited Warrantylimited lifetime Warranty
Length37.50 in (U-115)
36.75 in (U-111)
33,35 mm (U-101)
Diameter open47.00 in43,1 in
Weight775 g (U-115)
705 g (U-111)
705 g (U-101)
open/close mechanismauto open, manual closingauto open, manual closing