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Information on imitations and dubious providers on the Internet!

We would like to draw your attention, dear visitor, to some things, which you should clear up and protect from a wrong purchase.

In the Internet goods of all kinds are offered by salesmen from all over the world. Nobody is immune from being taken in by a charlatan. So we are also victims of different providers, who try to sell your inferior products, which are not connected with the Unbreakable® Umbrella, with the help of our logos, pictures and texts. Imitations usually do not keep what they promise and can even be dangerous, as they use inferior, unsuitable materials or even violate regulations. Be sceptical about promises and commercials.

Particularly with Amazon and Ebay, also on other market places and offers, these dubious offerers cavort themselves. Many times a look in the imprint is enough to recognize that it is a dubious offer.

If, for example, the providers in an imprint give an address in Hong Kong or other exotic countries, you should be warned. Even if the provider has a German or European shipping address, in the worst case you will not have a contact person for the processing of the warranty claim or the matter will be completely lost. Not to mention our extended guarantees. Do you have problems with such a seller who advertised with the Unbreakable® Umbrella but sold you another similar product? You are welcome to inform us, we are happy about any hint. Use our contact data in the imprint. We are also happy to answer your questions.

Do not buy Unbreakable® Umbrella from a dubious source. We do not supply DIY stores, including online stores via Amazon, Ebay and Co. We do not sell Unbreakable® Umbrella on Ebay, never and not in the future! At Amazon you will find the originals only at our shop, under the seller name René Spörke, there is currently no other dealer who offers the new models of the Unbreakable® Umbrella. In case of doubt, call us or email us, we will inform you quickly and comprehensively. So that you are safe. Because: Only original is legal!